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In current environment the volume of information that organizations have on hand is huge—and growing rapidly. Our solution identifies trends, areas for improvement, and ways to achieve client by enabling them to turn their data into actionable intelligence. Client data has enormous value, and our team is skilled and experienced at extracting the most relevant information and delivering it to both your organization and its end users.




We have skill set to synthesize client data into clear, concise visuals can give our client a distinct advantage. With our custom data visualization interfaces, client will have all of the most pertinent information available at a glance through interactive charts, graphs, and other visual elements regardless of workflow needs or user requirements.



Client need to transform raw data into a valuable business asset- Extract, transform and load (ETL) and extract, load and transform (ELT). We have out-of-the-box solution to Integrate, cleanse, migrate and improve data across platforms to produce consistent, accurate and reliable information. We help client sense turning big data into big value. Our solution will provide data access, data quality, data integration and data governance.




Our solution extract, transform - normalize both structured and unstructured HL 7 data from your current system. Your data will be  loaded into a fully normalized (5NF) datawarehouse. We will assist you to develop analytics.


Our Predictive and Visualization analytics unlock hidden knowledge for effective decision-making and optimization.

About Us

Our team has extensive cross-industry experience in data analytics, data visualization, and data management. Founded in 2012, Savant Analytics began by architecting and implementing small to enterprise level business intelligence systems.

At our core we utilize SAS-centric services, but our service includes custom analytics platforms, highly interactive user experiences, and seamless enterprise integration solutions.



Tel: 202.412.0212
North Potomac
Maryland, MD 20878
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